Apex Court Reporting in LA

Apex Court Reporting Agency in LA CA

Court Reporting Agency LA CAApex Court Reporting Agency in LA CA provides Court Reporting, Legal Videography, CART for the deaf and conference rooms in Los Angles CA.
Our west coast headquarters are located in Beverly Hills, California, offering fully equipped conference rooms, copy machines, fax, high speed internet and video conferencing for our clients.

Apex Court Reporting is a Court Reporting Agency in LA CA providing court reporters, legal videographers and conference rooms for your depositions.

We offer

  • Regular and real-time court reporters in LA CA
  • CLVS Certified Videographers in LA CA
  • Real-time CART providers in LA CA for the deaf and hearing impaired
  • Same day and next day transcripts
  • Deposition Conference Rooms in LA CA
  • Video-Conferencing in LA CA
  • Captioning and Closed Captioning Agency in LA CA
  • 24/7 Online Deposition Scheduling in LA CA
  • Free law firm lead generation services in LA CA
  • Free law firm expansion consulting services in LA CA

Court Reporting Service in LA CA

Our shorthand stenographers in LA CA and realtime court reporters in LA CA provide accurate expedited transcripts of your depositions.

Legal Videography Service in LA CA

Our CLVS certified legal video specialists in LA CA provide DVD and other file formats of your deposition video.

We can synchronize the transcript of your deposition to the video so you can read the testimony as you watch the witness speak the words on video.

Deposition Conference Rooms in LA CA

We offer conference rooms in LA CA in our Beverly Hills headquarters to our clients for depositions in LA CA.

We also provide conference rooms with videoconferencing in LA CA.

Our meeting rooms in LA CA are equipped with phones, fax, copy machines, high speed internet and videoconferencing rooms in LA CA at select locations.

CART Services in LA CA for the deaf & Hearing Impaired

Our Communication Access team in LA CA ensures the deaf and hard of hearing have access to communication by translating a speech into text in realtime in LA CA.

This service is known as CART in LA CA or Communication Access Realtime Translation in LA CA, sometimes referred to as Computer Aided Realtime Translation or STT (Speech to Text) in LA CA and is also knows as CART captioning in LA CA).

Our CART Providers in LA CA provide realtime translations for federal government agencies in LA CA, CART at events in LA CA and Educational CART in LA CA for universities, colleges and schools. CART for classrooms in LA CA is our specialty.

Full Service Court Reporting Company CA in LA CA

We have hundreds of court reporters in LA CA, CART providers in LA CA, legal videographers in LA CA and many deposition conference rooms in LA CA.

Call us at (310)402-5596 to schedule your deposition or event or Contact Us or Schedule 24/7  Online.